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Traditional and Medieval stained glass are similar only in the fact that every piece of glass is painted and fired with grisaille. Aside from that common characteristic, the two are very different in style. 

Traditional stained glass has become popularized by early turn-of-the century glass produced by Franz Mayer of Mayer of Munich, Inc. and his brothers of the Innsbruck Studios. Conrad Schmitt Studios has perfected the process of producing turn-of-the century traditional stained glass through thousands of hours of replicating and restoring stained glass windows. Today, original Gustave Doré's biblical designs are produced in new stained glass windows through the use of mouth-blown stained glass and hand painting, including flesh tones with up to ten firings on one face. Silver nitrate is used on the back side of the glass to create the golden hallows and other accents. 

Medieval glass can be found in prominent Cathedrals such as the Chartres Cathedral in France and the Canterbury Cathedral in England. The American studio of Charles Connick was one of the greatest producers of medieval-styled stained glass during the early 1900s. At that same time, Conrad Schmitt Studios and many others replicated the medieval style. 



St. John Neumann Catholic Church

St. John Neumann Catholic Church

Knoxville, TN

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