New Faceted (Dalle de Verre)

A relative of traditional stained glass, the faceted style, also known as Dalle de Verre, employs thick slabs of colored glass set into epoxy rather than lead cames. Its appearance is often reminiscent of mosaic, but unlike mosaic, the glass jewels glow with light-filled color. This more impressionistic type of window recalls the early glass fabrication of the Persians and Saracens, in which thick, crude glass was set into wood, stucco or stone. French artists in the 1930s revitalized the ancient techniques as they sought a style of stained glass that would complement the architecture of the mid-twentieth century. CSS’s Bernard O. Gruenke, Sr., after discovering the thick, dalle de verre glass in France in 1949, became a proponent of the faceted technique for installation in new churches.

A faceted glass commission is conducted similarly to a stained glass project. However, the matrix supporting the faceted glass is created with epoxy coated in finely crushed stone aggregate. CSS has pioneered a two-cast epoxy process that improves upon the earlier concrete casting.

Faceted glass can be very heavy, approximately eight pounds per square foot, thus adequate reinforcement is essential. Proper framing is also important, and can be executed by the Studio.

The addition of safety laminate storm glass on the exterior is advisable for faceted glass and may soon be required by building codes. CSS recommends installing safety glass with vented air chambers to prevent a build-up of heat and moisture that can damage art glass windows and window frames.

The unique appearance of faceted glass makes it eye-catching. Each of these windows is an enduring installation that brings brilliant color and unique design to its environment.

St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Cemetery & Mausoleum

St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Cemetery & Mausoleum

Palatine, IL

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