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Murals have adorned walls and enhanced the architecture of public spaces for more than a thousand years. All over the world, artists' decoration and imagery has added beauty and inspiration to people's everyday lives through murals.

The historic, yet progressive Conrad Schmitt Studios is proud to be a part of this long tradition of enriching public and private environments. Beautiful, thoughtful, inspiring murals created by Studio artists can be found at state capitols, courthouses, churches, theatres, hotels and private residences throughout the country.

Each mural project is guided by communication with the client. For new murals, research is conducted, using the Studio's extensive archives and collections with pieces dating to the 15th century. Conceptual sketches are developed, based on the selected theme and existing style of the architecture. These sketches are presented to the client, and design development follows. Elegant watercolor or airbrushed renderings are then produced in detail, and design modifications are made via computer as necessary. From the rendering approved by the client, a full-size drawing or "cartoon" is created to represent the vision for the mural. This frequently is placed in situ for scale and compositional review. After any adjustments are made to the cartoon, creation of the mural proceeds.

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French Lick Springs Hotel

French Lick Springs Hotel

French Lick, IN

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