Fundraising Mailers

In addition to assisting fundraising efforts through presentations, in situ samples and fundraising display boards, Conrad Schmitt Studios can create promotional print pieces in the form of large brochures, convenient to carry tri-fold pamphlets, DVDs and their accompanying disc packaging as well. The creation of illustrative literature, often coordinating with a display board can be of great assistance in generating enthusiasm and financial support from the community for a planned decoration, stained glass or restoration project. Our experience has shown that people respond to professionally produced pieces that provide a thorough, respectful presentation of the undertaking at hand.

CSS provides support materials using in-house staff, working with you to select images and create a message that is informative and inspiring. They often contain elements of the history and stewardship that unite the community, as well as information regarding the benefits of the project. Visual images, such as renderings or samples, created by the Studio help illustrate the extent, style and quality of what is proposed.

The project display boards and handout materials are custom-designed and can be produced to your specifications. Postcards or booklets can be designed in a variety of formats. All materials carry a respectful tone that recognizes the fact that providing support for a project is a profound act of faith and stewardship.

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