Fundraising Boards

Fundraising is often the most challenging and time-consuming aspect of any project.

Conrad Schmitt Studios is eager to share its experience in fundraising and help guide you through the process.

After presenting an approved plan to your church or building committee, printed fundraising literature and boards that detail the goals of the project can help to communicate the vision. Direct mailings, telemarketing, auctions and church or community-sponsored social events are a few fundraising options.

Grants from private foundations may also be a source of revenue. The Studio can provide you with contact information and basic grant-writing guidance.

In addition, many projects offer a number of items that could be identified with the donor's name, such as the restoration of a stained glass window or the conservation of a mural or statue.

Studio artisans and craftspeople can develop art renderings and on-site samples to illustrate the proposed work. This often generates considerable interest among potential donors.

For guidance in planning your project, please take advantage of our step-by-step Printable Project Guide.


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