Pioneers in the field of theatre restoration, and a Charter Member of the League of Historic American Theatres, Conrad Schmitt Studios has been privileged to provide award-winning decoration and restoration for historic theatres for over a century. Our on-site investigations of historic decorative painting schemes followed by sketches and samples have assisted many theatres in raising funds for their restorations. From monumental palaces to opulent atmospherics, CSS works in theatres of all styles, themes and sizes throughout the country. Conrad Schmitt Studios has completed award-winning work on more than 75 theatres throughout the United States.

“Although we are given credit for so much of what you made possible, results are what counts. It is your work that is giving the public so much enjoyment, and I hope you can take great pleasure from the outcome.”   — Hugh Hardy, FAIA Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer Associates re: Hippodrome Theatre, Baltimore, MD



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