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From the Grand Ballroom at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel to the original Grain Exchange in Milwaukee, the Conrad Schmitt Studios provides solutions in a variety of media. Experienced in the conservation and restoration of the traditional and the creation of the contemporary, the Studio has been involved in the preservation of countless structures of architectural and historic significance throughout the United States.

The approach taken by the Conrad Schmitt Studios to each project is marked by a thorough study of the architectural disciplines, as well as the needs and requirements of the client. This research includes an analysis of existing architectural style; evaluation of the possibilities, including photography and recording the present condition; and the submission of sketches and plans for modification, revision, or approval. In addition, the Studio provides an aesthetic restoration plan, color sample charts, time estimates and quotations, including methods to be used and proof of longevity.

The artisans and craftspeople at the Conrad Schmitt Studios, under the direction of the Gruenke family, have mastered the special skills necessary to provide a professional restoration. Their influence and artistic expression can be seen in hundreds of structures throughout the country.

The Conrad Schmitt Studios is proud of its history and maintains its goal of longevity in every creation. Whether working directly with the client or through an architect or designer, the Conrad Schmitt Studios is an effective member of the restoration team. The Studio will continue to strive for excellence through the quality of its art.

"The Cathedral has drawn some beautiful attention from the media and has become a new focal point of tours in the Shreveport area. What Conrad Schmitt did to restore and renovate this 78-year-old Gothic structured church into a beautiful Cathedral cannot be expressed in words."  - Rev. Msgr. Earl V. Provenza, V.F. Cathedral of St. John Berchmans Shreveport, LA



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