Stained Glass Checklist

Every stained glass window possesses unique characteristics that necessitate an individualized approach to conservation, restoration or maintenance. Fortunately, there are a number of general guidelines that can assist in determining the need for a professional inspection of your windows.

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Do your stained glass windows require restoration?

Examine your windows for the following:

Glass Breakage

Breakage may be caused by a number of factors, including impact to the glass, structural stresses brought about by improper or inadequate reinforcement and weakness and defects inherent in the glass itself. Glass breakage can be detected best in transmitted light - light coming in through the window from the sun or another source.

Is any of the glass broken?

YES ____ NO ____

Sagging or Bowing Glass Panels

Sagging and bowing is most often the result of structural inadequacies and can be compounded by expansion and contraction due to temperature changes and structural shifting. Once stained glass has deviated from its original plane, corrective action is usually required. Sagging or bowing is most easily viewed in reflected light, which is present in a lighted interior at night.

Do the panels seem to sag or bow?

YES ____ NO ____

Deteriorated Lead

Lead deteriorates for many reasons, including inappropriate original ingredients, exposure to chemicals and pollutants, stress on the panel, and improper repairs or poorly executed restoration attempts. Look for cracking and oxidation of the lead in reflected light. 

Is the lead deteriorating?

YES ____ NO ____

Faded or Peeling Paint

Paint usually deteriorates because it was not fired at a temperature high enough to ensure proper adhesion to the glass. It can also deteriorate due to an improper paint mixture.

Do you see paint peeling or fading?

YES ____ NO ____

In Summary

Stained glass usually deteriorates slowly at first, but damage can rapidly accelerate as vital components begin to break down. It is essential to take a pro-active approach to conservation, restoration, and maintenance in order to prevent further damage to the stained glass panels. Conrad Schmitt Studios, a member of the Stained Glass Association of America, is experienced in the field of stained glass creation, restoration, and conservation. If you have any questions or would like to have your windows inspected, please contact us.

If you have any questions, or would like to have your windows inspected, please contact Conrad Schmitt Studios at 1-800-969-3033.

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